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Import Lotus Notes to Outlook 2019-2016-2013


Why NSF to PST Conversion?

There are, however, many reasons for Notes users are switching to Outlook. NSF files cannot be accessed directly in Outlook because they use different file formats to store their mailbox data (Lotus Notes uses NSF file format and Outlook uses PST file format).

Method to Convert NSF Files into PST Files

This is a free method to convert NSF to PST. It is recommended that you make a backup copy of the original IBM Lotus Notes NSF file before performing manual conversions, as the file may get corrupted during conversion. The manual method of converting NSF files to PST files is a two-step process.

Step 1– Export NSF files from Lotus Notes to an intermediate CSV file

Step 2– Import the intermediate CSV file into MS Outlook

Step 1 : Export NSF files from Lotus Notes to an intermediate CSV file

To export NSF files from Lotus Notes, perform the steps given below

  • Run IBM Lotus Notes program.
  • Click File >> Open >> Louts Notes Application.
  • In the Open Application window, browse for the NSF file and click Open. The selected NSF file gets open.

  • Now on the File menu >> click Export.
  • In Export dialogue box, type the file name, location, and saving type.
  • Select the Save as Type Value format for the file.

  • A dialogue box CSV Export gets open. Select the required options, How much to export, Export Character Set and Click OK.

  • The exported data , saved in CSV file gets saved in the chosen location.

Step 2- Import the intermediate CSV file into MS Outlook

Import the CSV file into MS Outlook by following the steps

  • Launch MS Outlook program.
  • In the File menu, click Open & Export and click Import/Export.

  • Import and Export Wizard box. Select Import from another program or file from the options. Click Next.

  • Select Comma Separated and click Next.

  • Click Browse and select the path for CSV.

  • Select the Outlook folder where you want to save ,exported data and click Next.

  • Select the given checkbox in the Import a file box and click Finish.

  • Now the data from the “CSV file” would be imported to “MS Outlook.”

Problems with manually converting NSF to PST

The free NSF to PST conversion method is useful in some situations but also has many limitations. Some of them:

  • Complicated and tedious method for a beginner
  • Time-consuming process
  • Fails to migrate all data
  • There is a possibility of manual error
  • Improper handling can damage the NSF file
  • Selective conversion is not possible
  • Converts one NSF file at a time.

Using the best Solution for NSF to PST Conversion

This third-party tool saves NSF files to Outlook PST or Exchange Server. It has many advantages over the free NSF-PST tool. It has the ability to save the NSF file to multiple PST files.

You can also convert specific data using advanced filters in the tool. Lotus Notes does not need to be installed on the user’s system to perform the conversion, as the NSF files are only required for conversion purposes. The free version also available for demo.

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