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Easiest way to repair EDB files in case of corruption


Inaccessibility of Exchange data is a common problem for all Exchange administrators. Damage can occur due to various reasons, such as: B system errors, virus attacks, logic errors, problems with the program interface, and more. Common causes of corruption and ways to repair EDB files are discussed here on this blog.
What is an EDB file?

The EDB file is also known as an Exchange database file. This file is created by Microsoft Exchange Server. The app helps in saving SMTP messages and ACT emails. In previous versions, files were saved in EDB format. However, due to recent updates, three new formats are available for storing data files. All these formats help in keeping track of the file stored on the Exchange server.

Causes of Exchange Database (EDB) file corruption

As we know, Exchange Server stores its data in computer files and files on Exchange servers are prone to technical errors. Look at the point below which may be the cause of corruption of computer files.

  • Shutting down the Exchange server
  • Sudden power failure
  • Exchange Server error
  • Great crash of the Exchange server
  • Virus attack
  • Third Party Software Campaign

A single reason from the list can lead to corruption of computer files. However, you can fix the files by following the simple recovery process.

Methods for repairing computer files

There are two methods to repair the computer file, one is manual using the built-in ESEUTIL and the other uses the professional tool.
Repair EDB File Using Eseutil Command

  • Click the Start button and press Run
  • Under the Run dialog box, enter cmd in the field and press OK
  • Now go to C: \ Program Files \ Exchsrvr \ bin
  • Then type Eseutil.exe at the command prompt
  • The utility Eseutil (Eseutil.exe) works on two repair functions, ie. “/ R” and “p”.
  • Now the Eseutil / r command is only for a decent restore of the MS Exchange database.
  • Also, if the EDB database files are extremely corrupted, users can use the Eseutil / p command line to recover remote Exchange EDB files that count priv1.edb and pub1.edb.
  • Eseutil / p C: \ Program Files \ Exchsvr \ mdbdata \ primary name.EDB
  • When users can recover the damaged .edb database files using the Eseutil / p command later, run the Eseutil / d command line to defragment the Exchange database.
  • Now run an Eseutil.exe command for endurance inspection in repaired computer database it will display as; Isinteg –s {Exchange Server name} -fix-test all test
  • Select the recovered .edb files from Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Now run this Exeutil.exe command until you see no error on MS Exchange Server
  • Run the command line Eseutil / G to check the consistency of the fixed Exchange EDB database
  • Reinstall the fixed Exchange database files (.edb) using the Exchange Server administrator tools.

However, the manual method is very complex and wrong command can transform tables and you will lose data. To avoid data loss and repair corrupted EDB files (EDB), it is highly recommended to use the professional tool. It is a safer and more relaxed way to solve the problem.
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