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Best Repair for Exchange Tool- EDB to PST


If the Exchange Server database file is corrupted and , emails, other important data cannot be accessed by users. Exchange Server saves the file in EDB format and consists of user mailboxes. Damage to the Exchange server prevents the use of Outlook. This makes it difficult for users to send/receive emails. Accordingly, Exchange Server recovery is extremely important and the best tool to use is the third-party Repair for Exchange Tool. From fixing EDB files to exporting to Office 365, the tool fulfills all user requirements.

Most of the users use manual methods to repair Exchange Server, but it is very unsafe as it can delete the files and lose important data. The best way is to use the Repair for Exchange tool. It ensures a hassle-free recovery of the Exchange server, the migration from EDB to PST, and the restoration of the data to its original format. If you want to convert EDB to PST, the Repair for Exchange tool is the best.

Features of Exchange Server Recovery Tool

  • Recover corrupt /deleted mailboxes: Exchange Recovery Tool can recover mailboxes from damaged EDB file. In the event of a server failure, you can restore offline EDB/STM files from backups. Recovery is done by restoring folders, messages and attachments that got corrupted during a server crash.
  • Restore User Mailbox: One of the most complex things about the Exchange server is how to restore the user’s mailbox. The Repair for Exchange tool makes it very easy. It deeply analyzes files and extracts data from EDB files. Administrators can also recover mailboxes, emails, calendars, contacts, tasks & deleted items of users. The tool allows you to extract the attachments and export the messages to the new folder.
  • Search for items in mailboxes: Mailboxes contain a large amount of data, it is like one of the multiple Outlook accounts stored on the server. To find a specific mailbox, you can use the “search” option. The tool has the ability to search for items by phrases/words, attachment content, date range. You can also filter the search options by creating a custom search.
  • Full access rights to user mailboxes: The Repair for Exchange provides the ability to perform operations on destination mailboxes. Server administrators can create, rename, or delete any folder. Admins are allowed to “reply” or forward emails to the associated Outlook
  • Create Mailbox: The Exchange Server Recovery tool allows the user to verify the added source and destination mailboxes. Exchange Server administrators can create mailboxes in the destination folder & export the data. To reduce the complexity, the administrator can transfer the mailbox of various platforms from a console.
  • Check Operation Log History: The Operation Log ,keeps records of actions performed on the Exchange server to the current date. You can view the history of the operation log with the Repair for Exchange Tool. This can help track the action that caused the corruption in Exchange Server.
  • Export items to Office 365 / Live Exchange: The easy-to-use copy, paste & drag and drop option allows users to migrate data from one Office 365 profile to another Office 365 profile. The same process can be done performed for the migration of old live exchange data to newer versions of Exchange. The Repair for Exchange secures that no data loss occurs and that the originality of the data is preserved. In addition, one can use the tool for migrating IMAP servers (Gmail, AOL , Yahoo) to Outlook PST file.

Compatibility & Support

The Exchange Recovery Tool can be used with

• MS Outlook  2003/ 2007/ 2010/ 2013/ 2016/ 2019 & previous versions
• MS Exchange Server: 2003 /2007/2010/ 2013/ 2016/2019 & previous versions
• The Repair for Exchange tool can be installed on Windows 10/ 8/ 7/ Vista/ XP/ 2000

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