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Best Android Data Eraser Software – Permanently Deleted Phone Data


With all of the financial fraud and identity theft that’s happening online today, data security has become an important issue. To protect personal data, you must permanently delete them. To do this, you need to do more than just delete photos, videos & other files from the phone. It is also important to erase data when you sell or recycle your phone as you don’t want anyone to abuse your data.

Possible to Recover Deleted Data?

Users can recover deleted data because Windows or any other operating system will not erase data from the drive, which enables recovery. First of all, it is important to know what happens when you delete files or data from computer. Any operating locates its files or data through pointers. When deletes a file, it is the pointers that get removed.

There is a reason why the operating system simply deletes these pointers. This function & data deletion are two separate functions. Once the data is deleted from the hard disk, it cannot be recovered. However, if the pointer files/data are deleted, they can be restored using the Data Recovery Tool.

The operating system removes files from the pointer to make free space for the user. It is faster than deleting or overwriting information at the same time or the process will take time. For example, if a user wants to erase 5GB of data, it will only take a few seconds, while erasing or overwriting will take longer because it takes time to erase the contents of the file. The only exception is SSDs (Solid State Drives), where deleted files cannot be recovered.

Top Reasons to Permanently Delete Data

To prevent the recovery of deleted data, you must permanently delete the storage. Here are some reasons why you should permanently delete data from your device:

  • Improve the speed of the device
    • If your phone has a lot of cached history & web history logs, it tends to run slowly. As mentioned earlier, deleting something will not delete it. To improve the speed of your phone, erase the data completely.
  • Avoid giving important things in the wrong hands
    • We store all kinds of information on Android phones. But it’s still not certain. Delete it and protect yourself from scams.
  • Delete unwanted data
    • If your phone has sensitive data, but you are not using it, it is best to delete the information completely. You put yourself at risk if you let someone else use your phone, even temporarily. Your phone could be stolen & data could fall into the wrong hands.
  • Resell the device
    • Each phone will be reset at the factory, but there is still a small chance that the next user will have access to your data. To completely eliminate this feature, you must first permanently delete all data on the phone and then reset it to the factory settings.
  • More space for other files
    • Whenever you delete data, whether relevant or not, it will not be deleted completely. Permanent deletion will delete some additional files.

Best software for Android data eraser

You need to download this software on your computer to erase the data. Most only support the Windows operating system, but only a few support iOS. They are specially designed for phones and therefore will not work on iOS devices. The process takes a long time as it will erase all possible data so run it and move on to another work.


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